Memories of Apsley Grammar School 1959-1966


I retired in 1998 and had too much time on my hands. I decided to learn how to programme web sites and chose as a project to create an alumni site. At the same time Friends Reunited started and wanted to charge a £5 joining fee for visitors to email old school chums. I entered my new web site address on Friends Reunited and started to publish the emial addresses of old chums. It grew from there until in 2003 we had a reunion.

I lost interest in the project years ago and so the content has remained too static. However, I have been persuaded to keep this site alive and so in 2010 I started a rewrite and rationalisation of the pages. This time I intend to avoid some of the schoolboy humour and irreverence.

Ron Moss
December 2010

Selective nostalgia

Richard ‘Nom’ Blake at the 2003 reunion.