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Vic Brown

Vic today


Vic in 1964


Vic lives in  Manchester and works as an IT Lecturer. Previously he was an IT Manager. He is married with two children ( 15 and 19 ).  I like Vic's current hairstyle.  It is very similar to mine. The man is strikingly handsome and  obviously has good taste.

In the picture on the right, taken in 1961, Vic is in
front of Tim Hayter and next to Baz Steptoe.  Vic used to keep pet mice.  He once gave me a white mouse.  I can't for the life of me think why I wanted it.  I took it home, Mum went mad, and it died a week or so later.  I just found out from Vic that the reason he gave me the mouse was that he had two and one died under mysterious circumstances.  His mum had threatened to call in the RSPCA if Vic did not get rid of the remaining one.  Vic recalls:

"5/12/01 - Yes - I think my track record on mice-care was
not very good. The cat got one and my Mum threatened to call in the RSPCM if I didn't find a better home for the remaining one. At that time, I was interested in things sexual and probably had the mouse as a result of what mice do naturally

At school Vic was a member of the band, Denim Coalition, for whom he played lead guitar and sang.  Vic is currently spending a lot of his time and efforts helping the cause of Street Kids in Romania.  Vic emailed me:

"29/4/02 - I was unable to get down to TOADS because, at that moment, I was 25 ft UNDER the streets of Bucharest with a group of street children. A long story. I was in Romania to do some video filming for a Church project in Constanta on the Black Sea. During research, I stumbled upon some images by an American ( Kyle Cassidy) who had been out in Bucharest. He pointed me at a Texas couple ( Sue and Ron Bates) who sold up everything to go and live in Romania to work with street children. They now care for almost 90 Romanian girls in two 'care homes'. and also take food, money and medicines to a group of street kids living in the sewers under the parking lot of McDonalds in Branconvancaeu, Bucharest.

With a certain amount of 'bottle', I emailed Ron and Sue and arranged to see them when returning from Constanta to Bucharest. On the Saturday evening, we went to take food to the kids in the subway. What an experience !!.  There's much more to tell if you are interested, or think you might be able to help in some way.......







Vic in 1961

Ed: I have learned a lot from Vic about his Street Children project.  I  have dubbed it 'SewerKids' and after talking with a few other TOADS we have decided to adopt it as a TOAD charity/cause.  I take my hat off to Vic for all he is doing.  Good Bloke!

21st September 2002


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss