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toads - April 2002


Glynn Davies & Nom Blake

The opulence of The Lamb can be glimpsed here in the background. Notice the ties.

Geoff Gaunt & Averil Parkinson

New Toadette, Averil, all the way from Cambridge for her initiation.

Lynn Pemberton & Glyn

Lynn's first Toad bash.

Typical Toad Pose

Seen here studying some interesting architectural features found at The lamb. Preserved over the years and covered with a thick patina these features needed careful examination. Our thanks to Pete, Nom and Glyn for their dedication

The Toads Refresh

After a considerable hike from the Pub a suitable restaurant was found. Exhausted from the journey the Toads are seen here gathering their wits and testing the local plonk.

Bob, Glyn, Ron, Lynn, Colin, Averil, Pete, Nom, Glyn, Geoff.

Pete Currell

It has been about 36 years since Pete Toaded. He's still the debonair, stunningly handsome bon viveur we all remember. Alongside him is the lovely Averil. Not a grey hair in site A. How do you do it? So what was so funny Averil?

Pete, Nom & Glyn

Glyn can't find his beard.

Ron & Lynn

Hey! Watch those hands Mossy!

Bob Codling & Glyn Lovelock

Bob, a veteran regular Toad, seen here catching up with Glyn. We noticed Glyn had had his forhead lifted since leaving school.

Someone praying?


Nom gets serious with the bill.

06 November, 2004         Ron Moss