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Next TOAD Meeting

22 March 2003


October 2002

April 2002


The Lamb Pub

A great night
Ten Toads venture through London's rain sodden streets for another classic get together.  Three surprise visitors - one from Canada, one from Oxford and one from Cambridge.  See the pictures
TOAD flies in from Canada
No-one knew he was coming.  He arrived from Canada in the morning and was the first to arrive at the pub.

Toads Meet Again
Colin Hales, Titch Blake, Averil Parkinson, Pete Currell, Pauline West, Ron Moss, John Sparks, Pate Sage, Dick Birch and Lynn Pemberton; a few beers, an Italian meal and a lot of nostalgia



Hales utters

Love the photos: very cinema verite. Time was, of course, that the only person who could have done full Technicolor justice to the blood and guts of a TOADS evening was Sam Peckinpah. No doubt you will have seen his classics: TOADS of Iron, Straw TOADS, The Wild TOADS, A Fistful of TOADS and The Good, the Bad and the TOADS (or was that Enrico Moreone?) Good to see so many new-old faces wasn't it? Pete Currell seemed particularly chuffed to see us all again. Mind you, some faces were older than others. I dunno what Averil is on but it should be available across the counter at pharmacists everywhere. She looked not a jot over 25. Maybe some of us have been ageing for the rest.....

All the best Colin

Letter from America
Chris Vine writes

Hey Ron!
Good to hear from you. I love the pictures of the guys and gals - made my day. (What a handsome bunch!) I don't get back to the old country that often - but a Christmas trip is usually a fixture (the aged mother is living in Kings Langley).  So ... if you have anything planned around that time I'd love to join you (Toads' Executive permitting)! I'll let you know if any other trips crop up .... and if any of you guys is ever headed Stateside ... say the word. Pass my greetings along.



Bastion of Male Supremacy Falls

It had to happen one day.  When the MCC finally relented and admitted females into the Long Room at Lords the death knell was sounded.  The TOADS, always renown for their progressive and pragmatic views, were sure to succumb one day.  It happened on Friday 12th April 2002 at the Lamb in Lamb Conduit Street London. The traditional Easter Toad gathering was this year joined by two 'TOADETTES'  An undisclosed TOAD source commented that the trauma had passed really without event.  Early concerns over the adequacy of lavatories proved to be  unfounded.  It was, however, noted that the two ladies were not seen drinking any alcohol in the Lamb.  The conjecture was that they found it necessary to keep their faculties clear, recognizing as they did, the singular historic importance of  this first female appearance.  (First appearance of a female was subject to debate but it was ruled that stripping policewomen, cake-girls and strip-o-grams did not count).  The occasion was certainly enhanced by their attendance

Toad Photos - click here

Informal Toads Meeting October 2001
Richard Blake, Geoff Gaunt, Colin Hales, Bob Codling.  (That's Ron taking the picture)

The Old Apslyans Drinking Society.  It was formed in 1966 at the time when everyone was at Uni or starting work.  The inaugural meetings took place at Easter, Christmas and in the summer break.  Early venues included The George, The White Horse and The Plough.  There always has been a total absence of females.  This was not by design just no-one thought to ask them!  You have to remember, as well, that back in the dark sixties women were not as emancipated as they are today.  What a revolution!  Apart from anything else the thought of a beery debauched evening in sleazy pubs just did not appeal to the fairer sex.  

The TOADS are still going albeit low key and infrequent.  The driving forces behind the continuing TOADS are Colin Hales and Titch Blake.  There is an annual Christmas get together at a pub in London and Colin circulates a monologue with his Christmas Cards in typical TOAD fashion.  Colin Hales and Richard Blake tend to be the driving forces.