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Reunion March 2003




Get all these photos on a CD

The pictures on this section of the web site were taken by Vic Brown.  The images here have been compressed to make them faster to load.  This means that their quality , size and definition is reduced.  If you would like to have copies of the original photos in all their glory they are available on a CD from Vic.  In addition to the photos on this site Vic has added to the CD some bonus images of Romania, The 1967 full panoramic school photo and some humorous captioned shots.  Vic is asking those who would like a copy of theses unique images on CD to make a donation to his charity to defray the cost of post and production and help the poor Romanian Kids.

Email Vic if you would like a CD.


  The School Visit
After meeting in the Pub we took a coach up to the old Alma Mater where Margaret Tearle (Westie) gave us a guided tour of the campus.
  The Cocktail Reception
In the bar at the Watermill Hotel we congregated for pre-dinner drinks. 
  The Dinner
Good food, wine and excellent company.  A raffle, an auction, a speech from Professor Hales and the dulcet tones of The Esher Fat Boys and a sub set of Denim Coalition.
some candid shots of selected individuals on the day.
  Ron's amateur shots
Not of the standard of Vic's 'Official Photos' but are included here for posterity. 
Ron Moss
[22 May 2003]


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss