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ToadFest Spring 2003






Will you be coming?

You need to book now!

Planning for the Big One
As interest in the TOADS has been increasing the idea was muted to organise a get together in the New Year.  The usual evening bashes in London are getting very well subscribed and whilst they are exceedingly enjoyable the numbers now attending make the arrangements more difficult.  Furthermore, it was commented that the evening session does not really allow enough time to fully mix and meet.

It was thought that it would be a most excellent thing to do to raise some money for Vic Brown's Rumanian Sewerkids at the same time.

Who is invited?

We don't like unnecessary rules and never did care much about what year someone was in.  Some might like to bring their spouses - it is not mandatory- and others definitely will not.  It probably makes sense that those coming went to the school or have a close connection with someone who did who is coming or else they are likely to be bored stiff.
  What will it cost?
No idea just yet.  The coach, meal, wine should cost around 30 a head.  Accommodation for those who wish it would be on top of this of course and can vary as to where one stays.  The range is likely to be between 30 and 100 per head for accommodation.  A service can be offered to arrange for sharing of rooms for those who wish it.

06 November, 2004         Ron Moss