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John Sparks

John 25th October in The Lamb





Well, what a surprise.  I had just walked from Euston in a torrential downpour and when entering the pub headed straight for the cloakroom to dry my pate.  I caught a sideways glimpse of a vaguely familiar face on my rush into the loo. On my exit I discovered it was John Sparks.  As I walked towards him he stood up, his full 6'6" and that all too familiar beam spread across his face.  John had arrived with Pate Sage, they travelled up from Hemel together.  John had flown i from Canada that morning hand had arranged with Pat to travel up with her to the TOADS do.  he wanted to surprise people.  John was visiting his folks in Hemel for a few days before flying on to Africa on business.

John joined the rest of us in the sixth form.  He transferred from Bennetts End SM along with the likes of Ian Hemsley and Cliff Hall.  John works in the Oil/Gas industry as an engineer and has travelled over the world extensively.  He has lived in Canada for over 20 years and is now based in Calgary.  He has grown up children at Uni in Canada and has recently embarked on his second marriage.  (It must be the North American influence) 

It was amazing to see the look on Titch Blake's face when he walked in the pub and spotted John.  They spent some time together when they were both based in the Manchester area.  Colin Hales was also so surprised to find that John had travelled from Canada and headed straight for the TOADS do.  Colin remarked: "if we can get John Sparkes in from Canada, we must have more pulling power than Rod Stewart's underpants"

It was really great to see you again John.




06 November, 2004         Ron Moss