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Old Apsleyans



Ron Moss

Ron "at work" circa 1995


I left Apsley in 1966 after poor A Levels and became an articled clerk to an accountant in Hemel.  Persevered in accounting for as long as I could bear it then was 'saved' just in time when I moved into General Management.  Started first 'own business' in 1978 and ended up with three partners running a great big IT services company.  Ended up as a suit on the board of a few PLC's and retired in 1998 at the age of 50.  Still dabble a bit in business when I can't avoid it.

Married Gill, my childhood sweetheart, in 1967.  We met at the age of about 13 when I was a Scout and she was a Guide.  She went to Hemel Grammar and I even managed to get engaged to her whilst still at school!  Gill is my best friend and has done all she can to keep me on the straight and narrow - well nearly.  We are soon to celebrate our 36th anniversary.  We have lived in Hemel, Dunstable, Boxmoor, Bovingdon, Hemel and now in Frithsden near Berkhamsted.  Daughter, Nicola (35), Son, Nigel (30), Grandsons Sam (9) and Tom (6).  My Mum still lives in Hemel and at the ripe old age of 82 is still very active.  My dad died about 20+ years ago in an accident at work. 

With time on my hands I have had great fun tracking down old school friends and acquaintances.    I suppose I've got a bit sad really but it will pass.

Ron, Baz Stepto, Pete Currell & Dave Hill in 1964

Just look at those hairstyles.  Notice all the ties are on the wrong way around so as to look different. 

[16 Jan 2002]

Ron in 1964

Either the fourth or fifth year?  Trying so hard to look 'cool'  I remember having to borrow someone's blazer for this picture as mine was by this time non-regulation.  It was black instead of blue and had an easily removable school badge on the pocket. The tie would have been reversed so that the fat end was tucked inside the shirt and the thin end showed.  Hair was without Brylcreem and seems to be combed forward.  Probably at start of the 'Mod' phase about the time that the Beatles started.  I have probably got a mouth organ hidden in my top pocket to play along with 'Love Me Do'.  Out of view, under the table, would probably be severely faded regulation grey trousers and possible a pair of desert boots dyed blue.

Take away the hair, add a moustache, beard, add spectacles and an extra two chins and generally expand by about 5 stone - and that's what I look like now.






06 November, 2004         Ron Moss