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Old Apsleyans

  Adrian Foreman
The famous Horn Player.  What's he up to now?

[15 Jan 2003]

Janet Cousins 
She was so quiet at school.  She tells me I made her life a constant misery by always teasing her.

[15 Jan 2003]

Lynne Pemberton

Lynne claims she was a very quiet girl at school.  She still does not have a lot to say for herself until pressed.  I saw her recently; she has one of the most mischievous looks you will ever see.  What is she up to now...?

[17 Jan 2003]


Chris Vine
Chris now lives and works in New York.  Before you read about him have a guess at the career you think he would have chosen.



Pete Currell

One of the real characters at school.  Everyone will remember Pete.  So what did he get up to?



Barry Steptoe
Baz was my best friend at school.  We met for a curry one evening and wallowed in nostalgia.


Vic Brown
Scholar, musician, mouse-keeper turned thoroughly 'Good Bloke'.  read all about it!



Dave Hill

Why did he disappear from the face of the earth for all those years?  The truth comes to light.  Dave was transported to the Colonies.



Maggie in about 1964

Margaret West
This is Maggie in about 1964.  You can just about see "those dimples"



Colin Hales
Drummer, Professor, 'Fat Boy' (Esher that is), and Author


Paul Tuck

Details deleted at Paul's request


John Sparks



Dick Birch



Ron Moss
I thought it time to 'come clean' and at least write something about myself.  It's a good job that I am so modest!


[17 Jan 2003]

Averil Parkinson

Awaiting approval


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss