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March 2003 Reunion Photos
About 100 shots of us Glorious Greys' wallowing in nostalgia

1964 Panoramic School Photo
We are in the fifth form - about to take O levels.

    1961 Panoramic School Photo
Here we are as second formers.  

1998 Year Reunion Photo
In about 1998 an informal reunion was organised by Linda White and her friends.  It was held on a Saturday afternoon at the Watermill Motel in Bourne End.  I was unable to attend even though I paid my money as I was delayed returning from holiday on the day in question and missed it.  I can not, therefore, spread any rumors about who booked motel rooms and who 'visited whom!  I am indebted to Janet Cousins for the scanned photo and as luck would have it she was also able to provide all the names.  You will be in for some shocks when you look at this one.  (Photo courtesy of Janet Cousins)

1996 Whole School Reunion Photo
There was an official school reunion sometime between 1996 and 1998.  It was held at the school and photos were taken year by year.  Here is our lot again courtesy of Janet Cousins.

1963? Class 4K Photo
I am still not quite sure whether this is 4K or 5K.  If its 4K it was in 63 if 5K its 64.
Some Hemel Pubs
April 2002 Toads get together
Quite a good turnout at this one.  Some new 'old faces' turned up.
October 2001 Toads get together
An 'intimate' gathering with a TOAD missing as he had to take the picture.
Random selection of teachers



06 November, 2004         Ron Moss