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The Time Table
Pete Currell (June 2002)
Don't ask me how or why this thought lodged itself in my brain....nothing much else does these days!! I suddenly remembered the dreaded 6 day timetable. Do you recall this? It was a system designed to confuse everyone, staff included! Each week 1 day of the 6 was missed out, so if Monday was day 1 then day 6 was omitted that week. This meant that the next week started with Monday as day 6, with day 5 being omitted. The following Monday became day 5 with day 4 being omitted, and so on....confused?

I remember they had to put a small daily notice outside the dining hall to remind everyone what day it was. I can, also, remember being totally p****d off when our double games lesson fell on the day which didn't appear that week, but on the other hand quite pleased when it was a maths lesson.

I think this idea was brought about to embrace the ever increasing number of options, and combinations of A levels....but I'm not that sure!!

Can you shed any further light on the issue?


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss