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October 2002

Dave Hill comes for breakfast
All the way from Australia, Dave Hill pops in for "breaky"



  Apologies to Colin Hales
When the photo's of the TOADS meet were first posted to this site unfortunately a technical glitch took place.  As a result of this it is understood that when clicking on the thumbnail picture of Colin Hales a photo of a water closet (lavatory pan) appeared instead of the enlarged Colin.  I unreservedly apologise to Colin for any embarrassment that this totally inadvertent error on my part may have caused him.  It was not in any way meant to be a reflection on the content of Colin's lectures.

The image is in fact a photo of my own proposed submission for this years Turner Prize which I plan to title "An expression of posterior strain"



George Ostaniewicz
George stumbled across this site on Yahoo and filled me in on his life by email.  Now who could ever forget a name like that?  George explains the American views on multi marriage.

A great night
Ten Toads venture through London's rain sodden streets for another classic get together.  Three surprise visitors - one from Canada, one from Oxford and one from Cambridge.  See the pictures

Remember Dick Birch?
Dick turned up at the recent TOADS do. The only one sporting a tie.  (Well apart from Colin and Nom who wore their green and yellow TOADS ties as usual)


Email from Mary Moffat
"What a blast. It was almost like being there apart from the smell of cigarettes and beer. Which reminds me Eugene has just passed a local ordinance banning cigarettes in bars, can you believe it?! First it was restaurants but I never thought the measure to ban it in bars would pass, guess the non smokers are a majority now. Anyway thanks for remembering my birthday with a bash, even though it was in absentia. AND THANKS FOR POSTING THE PHOTOS. So which one was which."


TOAD flies in from Canada
No-one knew he was coming.  He arrived from Canada in the morning and was the first to arrive at the pub.


Toads Meet Again
Colin Hales, Titch Blake, Averil Parkinson, Pete Currell, Pauline West, Ron Moss, John Sparks, Pate Sage, Dick Birch and Lynn Pemberton; a few beers, an Italian meal and a lot of nostalgia

  Changes in Hemel Hempstead
  • The Odeon cinema is now a pub.
  • The Whip & Collar is now an Indian restaurant.
  • The Bell at Apsley is now a McDonald's.
  • Jarman Fields now house a leisure complex & Tesco.
  • The Wagon & Horses was demolished.
  • St Mary's Hall, scene of Friday night dances, is no more.
  • The Pavilion is demolished.
  • The Marlowes is pedestrianised.


September 2002
Remember Chris Vine?
Chris now lives and works in New York.  Before you read about him have a guess at the career you think he would have chosen.


Remember Pete Currell?

One of the real characters at school.  Everyone will remember Pete.  So what did he get up to?

Remember Barry Steptoe?
Baz was my best friend at school.  We met for a curry the other evening and wallowed in nostalgia.


Denim Gig Photos
Two photos of the band have come to light.  The 1965 and 1966 line ups shown at a live gig.


  Donation well received
I sent Vic a donation on behalf of the TOADS for the SewerKids cause.  A kind acknowledgement letter was received from Vic and it can bee seen by clicking the link above


  Australian Culture Article
Well, yes I know the concept of 'Aussie and Culture' might appear strange bed fellows but Tassie Devil, our correspondent from Down-Under, seems to feel the need to educate us and stimulate that in-built Grammar School craving for more knowledge.

  Hales Blockbuster Serialised
Here it is.  The long awaited first part of the serialisation of Colin Hales blockbusting book, Managing Through Organization. Beware though.  Colin's text was underlined with a running passion and sensationalism that he had tried hard to disguise.  The serialisation has intensified very slightly the innuendo and underlying passion latent in Hales without, it is hoped, damaging the serious perceptive analytical aspects of this management masterpiece.

  Boonie's record 51 and not quite out!
More on Toads Down-Under from our intrepid correspondent, Tassie Devil.

  Accountant Jokes
Six accountant jokes for you.  Yes, I am well aware that some of this sites readers are Accountants.  I feel entitled to relay these as I used to be an Accountant myself. (I was saved just in time!)

  Denim Coalition
The full history, band line up, discography and more. Colin Hales writes what could be the start of The Anthology.

Remember Vic Brown?
Scholar, musician, mouse-keeper turned thoroughly 'Good Bloke'.  Read all about it!

  Hemel Girl Joke
Is there a Hemel Girl type?  The editor totally and absolutely disassociates himself from this puerile sexist 'humour'.  The jokes are only reproduced here to demonstrate that this site believes in free speech.


  A Question of Etiquette
A suggestion for the upcoming Mega ToadFest from Tassie Devil. 
  Remember Dave Hill?
Why did he disappear from the face of the earth for all those years?  The truth comes to light.  Dave was transported to the Colonies.
  Remember Paul Tuck?
deleted at Paul's request
  Denim Coalition Update
The last of the original line up has been tracked down by Skins-man Rudi Hales. Ian laird will be joining the oldies at the ToadFest 2003 special re-union, comeback Gig.  So Colin Hales, Vic Brown, Glyn Lovelock and Angus Laird will play again. 

(Ed: I am taking legal advice to try and prevent this. I think there may be a cause of action under the European Human Rights Act.  If not, then there must be environmental grounds to stop it?  Pollution, noise abatement and the like.)

Views from The Tassie Devil
President Blair, Pommie Bastards, Aussie Jokes and more...
  The Art of Positive Thought
A short poem for all you 'Negs' out there. The glass is half full, not half empty.  Try a bit of PMA and "Always look on the bright side of life, be-do be-do-be-do-be-doooo"
  England 5  Deutschland 1
Gerald Jansche finally gets around to commenting on THE football result.
  Assistant German Teacher
Gerald Jansche.  Do you recall the Assistant German Teacher from 1965/66?  
TOAD becomes famous author
Blockbusting Gangster Story

This is probably the very first real book to be written by someone that you actually know.  Our own Colin (Rudi) Hales is published.
Planning has started for the new TOADS April Fest to be held in March next year.  Some initial ideas are explained together with a proposed example itinerary.
  The Norman Conquest

In 1066 the French invaded and defeated the English.  Or did they?

August 2002
  Remember Margaret West?
This is Maggie in about 1964.  You can just about see "those dimples"
  Sad Death
Tony Pittman from Canada recently heard from Ted Lowther.  Clive Rutt's wife, Jill died recently in her early fifties. Clive and Jill met at AGS in 1970. She taught PE. Ted, Clive and the wives were all very good friends. Alan thinks that they used to play a lot of Bridge together. Ted told Alan that he had never seen such a happy couple.
  A Poem
For those not familiar with Roger McGough here is a treat for you.
  Denim Coalition Comeback
Another ageing 60's band are rumored to be planning a comeback.  Most of the original line up are still around and two of them were at the last TOADS bash.  Everything possible will be done to dissuade them and avoid this horror.
  1964 School Photo
Panoramic Photograph is now available
TOAD Membership list published
It is quite hard to pin point who are actually TOADS.  Here is a list of recent attendees at bashes and all those that I can remember ever attended one.

06 November, 2004         Ron Moss