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December 2002

Doc Ouvry famous violin maker
I am indebted to Robert Pearce who came across our old music teacher.  He has foresaken teaching and now makes violins.  Have a look at his web site.  Very impressive!

The Doc's Site
[Dec 2002]
  From Tassie Devil
What's the difference between a wombat and an Australian male?
The wombat eats roots and leaves.
The Aussie bloke eats, roots, and leaves.

[Ed.: Surprising the difference a coma makes.]
[Dec 2002]

  Ted Lowther emails me
I forwarded an email from Gerald Jansche to Mr. Lowther as Gerald had been asking after him.  I was most surprised to get a reply.

[Dec 2002]
November 2002

ToadFest 2003 Charity Fund Raising 
It has been decided to support a good cause and invite Old Apsleyans to share their good fortune with others who are less fortunate.  We plan to raise money for Vic Brown's SewerKids charity.  We need someone to be responsible for this activity and also would love to receive any ideas that any of you have for raising money.  Email ideas pleas to



  The Mathematician
An ageist and sexist joke.


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss