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March 2003 - December 2006

Miss Monteith dies. 
I heard from Robert Byrch that Miss M died a few weeks ago. Sad.


Dave Hill visits from Australia
Dave is popping over to UK for a short break in late October.  He is arriving on the 22nd October and plans to visit the Lamb pub for the Toads do.

[September 2004]

  Origins of 'Apsley' in the school name

Vic Brown suggestion as to how the school gt its name is a s follows:

It seems faily obvious to me.
Old VJ and Norah had this thing about Green Paper since their junior days when they first met in the Crimea campaigns..  Such was its success ( many will testify to its use for all manner of misdemeanors) they they had to secure a reliable local supply.  At the inception of the school, they had planned to convert the local 'aspen wood ' (Anglo Saxon for Apsley) to produce the same - the sap cannot be totally removed from the process and produces a greeny tinge to the paper. 
However, local sources were rapidly exhausted.  Leading exponents of the 'green paper' like Blake, Moss and Pilling soon made the traditional process totally un-economic.  VJ had no alternatively but to seek alternative supplies.  He tried the less suitable oak bark from Bennetts End woods but found this too absorbent - the ink would run and certain pupils discovered that, by laying sheets one of top of the other,it was possible to duplicate 5 sheets of green paper at one impression. 
In desperation, he set up a trade deal with the world supplier of Basildon Bond (available in green), securing  a bulk discount because there was no watermark.  This decision had far reaching implications for the schools name.  John Dickinson had three mills, of which Apsley was the first, and best.  VJ had similar aspirations for his own school.  It seemed logical to rethink the name.  In a moment of genius,  he rejected the planned name - Rum Balls Grammar School - and , in exchange for a lucrative position on the board of John Dickinson, persuaded Hertfordshire  Education Authority to go with the name 'Apsley Grammar School'.
There you have it !!



January - February 2003

Email from Celia Dickinson
Celia saw our article in the local paper and got in touch.  Click above for what she said.


[23 Jan 03]

  Email from David Alefs
I tracked David down at his office.  David recalls:
I do remember playing football with George, Leon and Vince. In fact we had a good side and as under 15s won the county six-a-side tournament in 1963ish . I can remember some of the side; Pete Currell, Vince Needham, Leon Flynn, Chris Vine and me, but I can't remember who played in goal. Was it Jonesy from Markyate?

If you can recall who the goalie was you can email David here.

[20 Jan 2003]

  Email from David Hocken 
Hi Ron, Do u know what date in 64 this picture was taken?  By the way I have an original Apsley Magazine of Spring 1965 if anyone is interested in any articles. The editorial committee were Mr Wrigley, Ann Parsons, A Hawksworth, Pat Porter & N Carding. Regards Dave Hocken, Perth Western Australia.

You can email David here.

[20 Jan 2003]

So can you remember these two?

[17 Jan 2003]

Reunion Published in Hemel Herald Express
16 Jan edition carries a plug for our reunion.  If you missed it a copy can be seen by clicking
the picture

[18 Jan 03]

Remember Lynne Pemberton?
Lynne claims she was a very quiet girl at school.  She still does not have a lot to say for herself until pressed.  I saw her recently; she has one of the most mischievous looks you will ever see.  What is she up to now...?

[17 Jan 2003]

Remember Janet Cousins?
After some 36 years since seeing Janet I found she lived near me in Berkhamsted.  We met for a few lunches and caught up on old times.  I am still sore at Janet's big sister, Valerie, who as a Prefect at school gave me enough 'Green Paper' to decorate a library.

[15 Jan 2003]

Remember Adrian Foreman?
I recall Adrian as the perennial music nut throughout our school time.

[14 Jan 2003]

Remember Ron Moss?
I thought it time to 'come clean' and at least write something about myself.  It's a good job that I am so modest!


[17 Jan 2003]

  Remember Saturday Morning Pictures?
The Luxor, Zorro, The Cisco Kid (and Pancho).  Ron remembers.

[13 Jan 2003]

Need a Travel Agent?
I can recommend our own Pat Waterton (Sage who was).  She runs a Travel Agency in Abbots Langley and specialises in 'exotic and unusual holidays'.  She has just done a superb job for me and at very competitive prices. 

Email Pat
[8 Jan 2003]
  Teacher published in Daily Telegraph
Indebted to Mike Lloyd for this one as well. 

[8 Jan 2003]

School Memories of Vine, Egg Pearson, Terry Burke
From Mike Lloyd

[8 Jan 2003]
  Chris Vine pops over from New York
Newly arrived from The States to spend Christmas with his Mum, Chris manages a few beers in London with Colin, Ron and Nom.  More pictures, if you can bear them.

[Dec 2002]

06 November, 2004         Ron Moss