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Margaret Tearle (West)

Margaret just a few years ago




Margaret is now Mrs. R. Tearle.  She is a Senior Mistress at Longdean School, the remnant of our old  Alma Mater, Apsley Grammar School.  As far as I know, Maggie is the only "one of us" to rejoin the school.  It can be seen, even from the poor quality photograph above, that Maggie is one of those who seem to have hardly changed over the years and is instantly recognisable.

Janet Eller (né Cousins) recalls running into Maggie at the school reunion a few years ago.  Janet was standing in front of the table set out with all the name badges carefully reading them and looking for her badge when a stern voice from behind said "Come along Janet, they are in alphabetical order you know".  Being in the old school Janet felt just as she did as a schoolgirl being chivied along by a teacher.  It was Maggie of course.

My own recollections Maggie in 1961 between Pat Field and Heather Taylorof Maggie were that she was an outward going and very confident girl.  Middle class (Kings Langley) and very well behaved.  She seemed always to have a good sun tan.  We were both in a party that went on The French Exchange Trip in about the third year.  I was billeted Maggie in about 1964with a Lorry driver's family and contracted the measles for the entire duration.  I spent all the time in bed receiving daily 'jabs' in my bum from a French Doctor.  Mr. Grange came every day whilst this went on as he had to pay the doctor for each injection.  Maggie, on the other hand, no sooner landed in France than she was off with her host family on a skiing trip to the Alps.  How's that for luck and privilege?


A close pal, Baz Steptoe, had the serious "hots" for Maggie in about the fifth form.  He doted on her from a far for ages.  It drove me mad listening to all those practice chat-up lines. I think he eventually got around to asking her out. I am saying no more!

It is probable that Maggie still lives in the Kings Langley area. Now is there a resemblance to Maggie Thatcher, or is it just me?

Ron Moss
21 August 2002

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