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Old Apsleyans



Lynne Pemberton

Lynne at a TOADS Reunion


    Lynne is married and lives in South London.  She is an architect.  Getting information out of Lynne about herself is like getting money from a Scotsman.  Anyway, Lynne was persuaded to reveal the following:

Dear Ron

After leaving Apsley I spent 2 years at the Bartlett (Architecture School) University College London and dropped out in 1969.

I worked in the travel trade (Wings Holidays) for a few years. I set up home (bed-sit) with ex-fellow architecture student and, briefly, shared a flat with Averil and a couple of other women. In 1972 I moved to Devon with aforementioned student, first Brixham, then (lovely) Totnes and got job in an Architects' office there, where I met, worked with, set up home with Architect colleague...and we've been together ever since, marrying in 1982.

In 1975 travelled for 3 months - with VW Beetle and tent - through Europe down to southern Turkey. Wonderful.  Autumn 1975 to 1981 studied Architecture at Kingston Polytechnic. Final professional qualification 1982. Worked in 3 different Architects practices 1981 to 1992, two of them well-known (then). Worked 1992 to 2001 on all sorts of stuff particularly trade exhibitions design, for broadcast electronics company - strange story, too complicated to explain here. Exhibitions took me to Las Vegas several times, so there were compensations. Since autumn 2001 freelance, 'though still doing exhibition liaison work and managing various bits of building and reorganisation for same company. Available for architectural work!!!

Other things: No children,  not through choice. Like the usual, eating, art, architecture, walking, gardening, the odd concert (rock and otherwise), holidays (love the USA - Texas and the dessert states 'though have only been a few times, Yorkshire Dales every year, Scotland).

[16 Jan 2002]

Lynne in 1964








06 November, 2004         Ron Moss