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Old Apsleyans



Janet Eller (Cousins)

Janet with husband Mike on their 25th Anniversary



Janet in 1998

"Janet is married with two grown up children and lives in Berkhamsted.  She left Apsley in 1966 and became a teacher.  Janet continues the story:

Miss Adams told me that my ambition to be a nanny was below my ability and so I went to Teacher Training College in Clacton. [So did Gill Ruddock, Ian Hemley and Pete Currell. Ian Hemley taught in Luton the last I heard, Gill is in Bristol as a Head [!] .] I spent 3 years trying to leave and ended up teaching in Bucks for 2 years.

In a moment of madness I applied to the Service Children's Educ. and went to teach in Hanover, Germany for 3 years. Whilst there I met my husband who was the manager of our Mess. First time I ever bucked the system, as I was technically an Officer and he was a civilian!  We have now been married for 28 years and have two children. Cathryn, [26] who is married and lives in Boston, U.S.A., and Richard, [23] who lives at home !  I left teaching on returning to the U.K. before our marriage, and swore I'd never go back, but circumstances changed all that. I finally got out at Easter 2000, after part-time and full time contracts.


Janet in the second form



White Mountains New Hampshire in Sept. 2001,
 Cathryn, Mike, her husband, & Janet



Janet in 1964



I am now teaching under a part time contract . It's not the profession I entered all those years ago.  After Germany we came back to Hemel as my husband had no specific roots, and have since moved to Berkhamsted. We've been here 20 years. My father only died in March 2001 and maybe without those ties we would have moved on, but who knows? 

Just for interest. There are still members of our family at Longdean with only a year break since the school was started, and that was filled when my niece married another ex-pupil in September 2000."


[15 Jan 2003]



06 November, 2004         Ron Moss