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Gerald Jansche
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    Posting on Hemel Web July 2002

My name is Gerald Jansche. I was the German Assistant Teacher at Apsley Grammar Grammar School in the academic year of 1965/66. I used to enjoy my stay tremendously and frequently enjoyed playing football. I remember a lot of teachers ( Roy Parsloe, Clive Constance I shared a flat with at Leys Road, Mr Wrigley, Clive Rutt, Ted Lowther, Janet ? - physical education, Linda Knapp, Lambert, Ms Sidebottom, etc.) and some pupils (P. Sage, Brenda ?, B. Stanley, G. Marshal, Lynne Everest - speaker, Pearce, Ian Laird). At present, I'm Studiendirektor at the Bayernkolleg in Schweinfurt, Germany. I would be thrilled if I got any message from HH. 

Gerald Jansche - 25 July 2002

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Email reply from Ron Moss (4-9-02)

Hi Gerald
Have a look at for a nostalgia fix. I was in the 6th form whilst you were there but I did not have any contact with you. If you have any contact information on any of the teachers or pupils I would appreciate receiving them. 

Ron Moss
Deutschland 1: England 5

Gerald's reply (5-9-02)

Dear Ron,
Thanks for your mail. I was pleased to get a message from somebody who was really there when I taught at Apsley. I looked up the links and remembered Walter Morley ( bilingual French) and Jim Winstone ( corpulent). Of course, Ted Lowther ( I used to teach some Latin classes , too) figures vividly in my mind; allegedly he still teaches evening classes. It was only last week that I phoned Hans Seelig. I am also in close contact with Brian Boston, Headboy 1964/65. Clive Constance, who I shared a flat with, gave me his regards ( through Brian), but I am ( regettably) no longer in contact with him. All the best, 

[Ed: No mention of 5:1 then eh Gerald?]


Email from Gerald (6-9-02)

Dear Ron, 

Today I looked up some links and photos and remembered lots of the teachers, though only some names. I had kept in close contact with Clive Rutt and his (second) wife Jill until he died. I even remember his first wife Heather and his sons Peter and Anthony. 

As to the German football team, we don´t think it deserves much praise. Brian Boston and you rightly pointed out Engl. 5:Germany 1. In 1966 , England "thrashed" Germany(Brian Boston). Yet in 1972 we had a superb team ( Beckenbauer, Netzer, Müller etc.), world champion in 1974. The English would have deserved much better considering they had the better team last time.One edition of The Times mentioned this defeat in at least 15 articles, with the attempts at consolation even permeating articles about business in Brazil. A great deal of consolation was drawn from defeats in the past ( Romans, 1066 etc.) and British strength in adversity. Do not even consider emigrating ( as you wrote in one article) An English teacher in Germany sent a Letter to the Editor saying something like: "I get twice as much paid in Germany as I would get in England as a teacher, but England is still infinitely the better country to live in" In the 70s I was so much of an Anglomaniac that I would have fully subscribed to that view. Now, still an Anglophile, I am somewhat less ardent in my adoration, but quite nostalgic about my stay there. ( I sent my 16-year-old daughter to St. Margaret´s Boarding School in Bushey for a term and was quite disappointed that England failed to catch on with her). My wife still suspects me of being a traitor. 

Yours ambivalently,

Ron Moss
Sept 2002


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