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Dave Hill

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  11-9-2002 I tracked Dave down via his sister on Friendsreuboring.  Dave sent me a few emails which really tell his story. 

Dear Pommie Bastard

Long time no hear, well only 30+ years. I am living in Tasmania, Australia (25 years) but do get back over there every couple of years. My dad is now 82 and lives in Faversham near brother Mike and sister Penny. I have a 22 year old daughter in UK (Worcester) at the moment working/travelling.

Potted Bio...

Survived only 2 semesters at Uni then dropped out due to a very uninspiring course and other bad habits. Spent a year or more travelling. Hitched around Europe/Asia, through Afghanistan, India, ended up in Ceylon and then got a job on a ship for a year travelling the seas, Africa, West Indies, USA.

Came back to England and spent a low year on the dole.  I then got a good IT job with Rank-Hovis-McDougal in Harlow (even worse than Hemel). Spent 3 years there, got married, got divorced, moved to Sydney.  Spent 3 great years with IBM in Sydney. Married again and moved down to Tasmania.  Spent last 25 years down here bringing up the family who are at last starting to leave home. (wish I could sometimes). Working for a small computer consultancy. Most work is for one government department or another. I currently have jobs going with Police, Treasury and the Motor Registry.

Tassie is not a bad spot, bit like Scotland or Wales with better weather. Not many jobs for the kids though. We had quite a nice yacht at one stage and used to spend a lot of time sailing, fishing etc.  Now keep fit bushwalking (hiking) around the magnificent wilderness areas of Tassie.  No hope of retiring for a while yet, no superannuation and still got kids at home.  I was going Trekking in Nepal with my daughter this November, but she has decided to come home via Thailand with an old boyfriend instead. Perhaps I'll use the funds to get to the reunion, possibly even via Nepal?

Never did get Australian citizenship, though if you are talking rugby or cricket then you can tell by my accent who I am barracking for. You used to have to swear allegiance to The Queen to become an Aussie which always went against the grain a bit with me...

Drop in for a beer or a BBQ anytime your are passing...



Dave has a family website with pictures of his family at 


20-10-2002 Dave pops in for breakfast


Thursday 26th September saw Dave arrive in UK for a rare visit.  It was only a few weeks since I had managed to contact Dave through his sister and as luck would have it he had a trip planned to UK to visit his eldest daughter.  He had a busy schedule and the only time we could meet up was immediately following his arrival at Heathrow when he had the morning free before rushing over to Kent to visit his sister and brother.  I now recall it was Dave who suggested breakfast.  Perhaps he has been missing his Full English!

Dave hired a car and I saw him arrive and walk towards our door.  Now, it is some 36 years since I last saw Dave and of course he has changed.  He is balding and sports a full pure white beard and reverse Mohican hairstyle.  He has not put on a gram in weight.  I did not realise it until I saw him again but Dave has a very distinctive gait.  I can not describe it but you would recognise it if you saw him.  Perhaps the biggest change was his very broad Australian accent. He was sporting a bushman's hat and an indescribable T-shirt. 

My Gill did us proud.  Juice, fresh fruit followed by sausages (Lincolnshire of course), bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms and the "piece de resistance" - Bubble & Squeak. Doorstop toast, marmalade and loads of coffee.  I almost wish Dave came every week if this is the standards of breakfast I could enjoy.  Just like his gait, Dave also has a distinctive facial expression.  Something to do with his eyes.  After only a few minutes the years just rolled away and there we were back in the the old times. 

We took a stroll in the nearby woods, walked the dog and passed a good 4 hours just chatting.  Dave has had a really interesting and eventful life and loves  his family and life in Australia.  He seems to have work in perspective and told me he looks forward to being able to 'go walk-about' in the bush and the interior.  Dave and I were good friends at school and I loved seeing him again.  He promises to come to the Spring ToadFest if it takes place. 

Ron Moss

06 November, 2004         Ron Moss