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TOAD becomes famous author



The new blockbuster

By Ron Moss TOAD literary critic



Our own Colin Hales has been published.  It came to light whilst I was browsing on the Amazon site.  I was not sure that it was our Colin Hales and so I asked him.  "Yes, that's me" he confirmed.  Colin kindly sent me  a signed second edition to save me buying it.

I have not had the chance to read it in full yet but a quick scan of the chapter headings bodes well.  Although Colin has tried to mislead us by the title the book is in fact in the Mario Puzzo genre.  It covers greed, power, and political intrigue as well as the usual spattering of sexual inuendo.  The plot takes a while to develop but progresses through the formation of The Organization, the key players within it and its eventual decline as it struggles to keep pace with today's fast track society.  There are some good scenes from Japan.

With the author's permission I plan to serialise the book on this site so that you can all reflect in the glory of our first TOAD Author.

Colin is Professor of Management at the University of Westminster Business School, having previously worked in market research, government research and teaching posts at the University of Sunderland, Surrey and London Business School.


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss