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  President Blair


President Blair 3 Tassie Devil  (11 Sep 2002) An Australian viewpoint


Dressing Blair up in a suit and tie is not going to suddenly turn him into a respected Statesman, it certainly has not worked for Prince Charles, and in any case you will still be able to see the colour of his nose*.

Tassie Devil

* [The Tassie Devil is referring here of course to the usual proximity of the aforementioned olfactory protuberance to the posterior of a well known American counterpart.]


President Blair 2 Pete Currell (May 2002)

"Je ne peux pas le blairer!"


Hi Ron (or after reading your latest offerings should I say Da Do Ron Ron!)
You're worrying me....President Blair, blow j..s, bluebells, bluebells and more bluebells, 60's no. 1's. I can't wait for the next installment, only joking whatever keeps you young!  May I suggest you look up the English translation of the French verb 'blairer', especially in this context  'Je ne peux pas le blairer'....I'm sure you'll find it quite interesting and usable at dinner parties!

Appropriately, for Blair sceptics, the sentence 'Je ne peux pas le blairer' means: I can't stand him!! Quite neat isn't it?


President Blair 1
Ron Moss (May 2002)

A while ago PB acquired three big black people carriers, just like we see the US Secret Service driving the President around in.  The latest move is the announcement that the 'Lobby system' is to be scrapped and replaced with a morning press conference.  Do you think that there will be a podium/lectern with a big round Prime Ministerial Seal on it?

What's next Tony? Camp Chequers? Lapel Badges for the Security Police?  Any truth in the rumor that Monica has been offered an advisers job at No 10? "Well blow me-I hope not!"

Even Cherie is emulating Hillary and interfering in government.  Mark my words, there will be more to come.  Have you noticed how PB dresses casually at weekends?  Bomber Jacket and jeans.  Sound familiar?  I think our Prime Minister should dress properly when on public view.  Tie and jacket please Tony.  (Bet he wears brown shoes with a blue suit)

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06 November, 2004         Ron Moss