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Dick Birch

Dick 25th October in Italian by The Lamb





Dick was an 'A' stream pupil and we all met up in the sixth form. He used to live in Chambersbury Lane. We were good chums and worked together as grill chef's in the Wimpy Bar in order to earn beer vouchers whilst in the sixth. Still both bear the scars of the Italian Manageress' tongue lashings but also carry the memories of the constant parade of young waitresses which were imposed upon us.

Dick is married to Pat Williams (a former Old Apsleyan) with two children and lives near Cambridge. He got a Civil Engineering degree at Portsmouth and then proceeded to spend most of his working life travelling around the world working and living in all sorts of bleak places. He returned to UK about six years ago and is now spending most of his efforts in education consultancy.

Once again I find that the ravages of time whilst  affecting most aspects of appearance cannot change 'the eyes'. I did not recognise Dick when he first walked in but after ten minutes or so it was as if those 36 years had just disappeared. We were amazed at each others selective memory of events we were both at, 40 years ago, but that's age for you.


06 November, 2004         Ron Moss