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Barry Steptoe

Barry and Ron






I finally tracked 'Baz' down after an electoral register search of Herefordshire.  We met for a curry in Hemel.  My, things have changed,  Baz was drinking Tonic and Orange and I was on a  Coca Cola.  It was some 30 years since we had met up.  We were very close as youngsters and both had acted as Best Man at each others weddings.  We are both still with to the same lovely women that we married and discovered quite by chance  that  neither of us get enough sex.  So that hasn't changed much in the last 30-40 years then!

Barry lives in Stevenage and has two grown up sons.  He became an engineer and after a spell in the aeronautical industry now works in a senior position for a multi-national polymer (sort of thing) materials company.  Unlike some of his contemporaries, Barry, has kept a full head of hair, albeit graying.  Like many of us Barry lost touch with old school friends many years ago, but remembers with affection the early TOADS bashes.  One 'happening' that I had forgotten that Barry reminded me of was the time on a TOADS evening in Hemel when we polluted the fountain in Bank Court with Potassium Permanganate and concentrated soap liquid.
"I'm forever blowing bubbles......" 

Barry's parents still live in their house in Belmont Road.  As youth's we were both Beatle fanatics and Barry still has a keen interest in music.  His all time favorites are Fleetwood Mac, not the Beatles any more.  You bloody traitor Baz!





06 November, 2004         Ron Moss