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Old Apsleyans



   News  2010


Geoff Lambert and Keith Harrowell pass-away
How sad it was to read this news. Click the thumbnail to read the Gazette article


   News  2007/2008
Richard Blake
Nom, just spent his second Christmas in the bleak North. He is enjoying his retirement and travelled through France with partner, Heather.

Dave Hill
A resident of Tasmania and now a real Australian, Dave just enjoyed a family Xmas at home in the Aussie sunshine. Dave has recently moved house and returned last year from a cycle trip across Canada. He uses an aged Moulton small wheeled bike. It is the same bike he used to pedal from Lands End to John O'Groats the previous year. 

Dave has a new website location and it is well worth a visit if you want to catch up on his life or just be nosey and look at the video of his new house.

Janet Eller (Cousins)
2007 was a big year for Janet. Her son, Richard married and she became a Grandma. Her daughter, Cathryn, lives in New England and Janet claims to have mastered the use of a web cam so that she can regularly see and be seen by her daughter and grandson. Here he is, Cian. 


Valentine Wrigley
An email arrived:

"You show a picture of former head master v j Wrigley. He was my form and housemaster at King Edward vii school Sheffield 1945-1948 and encouraged me to a lifelong love of history as well as preparing me well for university life. A gentle man of high values. Would you be prepared to email me a fuller version of the photograph? Also what happened to him  after the early 70s until his death in 2001? Did he have a family? I live in New Zealand and am engaged on a private account of my wartime and post war schooling for my grandchildren and this would be a fitting item. Regards  Ken Forsyth"

If anyone out there can help Ken with a photo I am sure he would appreciate it . His email is



Michael Darvell
emailed me:

Dear Ron
Is anything happening to the Old Apsleyans? The website seems to be three years out of date.
Michael Darvell AGS 1955-61

Very perceptive Michael - just shows what a good Grammar School education can do for you.

you can email Michael at



Pat Fewery
emailed me:
"I hope you can find someone in my old class, the year before yours I think- I well remember Laurie and Brennan! Dear pat even enclosed a Word Document Flyer for me to use. Here it is:

Hi, I was at Apsley from around 62 to 67 when I left to become a Physiotherapist at the West middx School of physio. I have had a great career, now retired living in Dorset with extended family and house full of animals. Would love to hear of anyone who may remember me! I am now Pat Withers

You can email Pat at


  Richard Shuff
emailed me:
"Hello Ron, You may not remember me but you might know Pete Shuff (my brother) ,Judy Shuff (sister) or Brennan Courtney (her husband).

 I was at the re-union in '96 and John Pemberton's name came up in conversation. I had been in Perth W.Australia on a job  earlier that year  and met up with old Hempsteadian friends who knew John in Hemel. He had been working in education in Perth but had recently moved to Canberra to a government department.  I was back in Perth not long after the re-union and managed to talk to him  on the phone. He was delighted to hear about the re-union and agreed that he had missed a super day.  I wrote to VJW  to let him know. On yet another visit to Perth I heard that sadly he had died.

John had been a navigator in the Navy and then taught  maths and was my form master of 1P. He also assisted Roy Parsloe with sports.  I look in at your site now and then  I live in the Inner Hebrides on an island  and  am not often south of Hadrians wall..if I can help it...........

Best Regards and hello to anyone who remembers me.  Richard Shuff.

You can email Richard at

  Cliff Hall
Cliff doesn't email often but when he does he is thorough. Cliff said:

"Are you chewing something, Moss? Thanks for this notice. Following your last one, about your scanning the obits in the Gazette, clearly you had overlooked the fact that TOADS never die - they just croak.

Snippets of news about various contacts:

1. With Pete Baynes and Paula. Firstly in New Zealand, when I was fortunate to be working there, and then a few months later, last summer, when they visited the UK. They were surfing the Trent & Mersey Canal and so passed through Cheshire. Actually they 'pushed off' in Cheshire and I doubt whether they got beyond the county line. I remember that Pete gave up physics before we did hydraulics. That, a lack of appreciation of 'lock etiquette' and less than challenging water skiing in tow from the narrow boat may have curtailed the voyage. Otherwise was in fine fettle, ship-shape and an admirable cut of his jib, etc. I can't work out if he is retired or redundant - a fine line sometimes and he swings succesfully between the two.

2. I discovered, from the annually diminishing stack Christmas cards, that Titch, Nom and Richard - all epithets for the same body - and Heather have moved close-by and settled into Wilmslow. Must get in touch.

3. Always in contact with Colin H and Joan. In years past, we have visited a couple of Scandinavian cities together and, more recently, shared some fine week-ends with them on the Isle of Wight. No doubt many received Colin's Christmas bulletin about little-known aspects of Vectian life. He is the cheer-leader for the local football team in Ventnor, (once managed by the legendary Bill Shanklin, apparently). You should hear him stir 'em up with, "Oh Ventnor Saints go marching in" and "I of Wight, Wight, Wight". He's quips - not mine.

Cheers, Hall, C"

You can email Cliff at


  Sue Lund
new email address is COLLUND1@WAITROSE@COM



06 November, 2004         Ron Moss