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  • Lynn Pemberton is an architect

  • Glyn Davies is a Town Planner

  • Averil Parkinson lives in Cambridge

  • Margaret West is now senior mistress at our old school.

  • Pete Currell became a teacher and has now semi- retired

  • Janet Cousins  teaches and lives in Berkhamsted.

  • Glyn Lovelock is a senior manager in IT

  • Colin Hales is a professor

  • Titch Blake lives near Wimbledon and works for Wandsworth Council.

  • Geoff Gaunt is a successful builder and lives in Wales.

  • Taffy (Paul) Tuck married Christine Levitt also in IT

  • Bob Codling is Finance Director of a Midlands development company and lives in Berkhamsted

  • Mick Wright now lives in Sydney

  • Mr Sparrow ("stop imitating my voice Moss!") was seen showing visitors around Salisbury Cathederal as a guide.

  • Tony Woodhouse is some kind of IT Guru

  • Angus laird is a tax expert

  • Vic Brown wants to organise a come-back tour for his band.

  • John Gurney denies all knowledge of his chequered past.

  • Bob Stockwell lives in Peterborough

  • Alan Pittman lives in Toronto

  • Keith Evans is a doctor.

  • Chris Vine lectures at NYU in Manhattan

  • Mary Moffat lives in USA and teaches

  • Penny Kendall is on her fourth marriage

  • Dave Hill was transported to Australia

and sadly VJ, Clive Rutt and Jock Gray have died.


Class of around 1966

Those who left after A Levels in 1966/7 or possibly a few that left in 1964 after O Levels.  These are the names that I remember.  If they are hyper linked (in blue and underlined) you can email them by clicking on the name.  If you can add anyone or have an email contact for someone on the list please email me and I will update.



David Alefs Sylvia Bell
Dick Birch Linda Childs
Richard Blake Susan Claggett
John Botfield Janet Cousins
Vic Brown article
pop star
Barbara Delayney
Bob Codling Celia Dickinson
Lawrence Courtney Lynn Everest
Brennan Courtney Pat Field
Pete Currell article Christina Flitton
Mike Eacopo Linda Frost
Keith Evans Patsy Hutchinson
Leon Flynn Penny Kendall
Adrian Foreman Christine Levitt
Bill Garner Glynis Lawford
Bob Glover Susan Lund
Paul Green Valerie Mills c/o Celia Green
Colin Hales article
pop star
world cup
Mary Moffat article
Phil Hancock Shirley Muir
Dave Hill article Susan Northern
Ian Laird pop star Averil Parkinson
Eddie Loewendahl Sandra Payne
Glynn Lovelock pop star Lynn Pemberton
David Lowrence Carol Powditch
Dave Massey Gillian Ruddock
David Merrony Pat Sage
Ron Moss article Heather Taylor
Vince Needham Linda Ward
George Ostanievicz email Margaret West article
Eric Pearson Pauline West
Alan Pittman Linda White
John Sparkes Grace Wilson
Barry Steptoe Pearl Woolcott
Bob Stockwell (left 1965)
Paul Tuck
Lug Taylor
Chris Vine
Pete Veal
Tony Woodhouse




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