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Adrian Foreman

Adrian in 1964


    Adrian is of course a legend to all us Old Apsleyans.  That famous announcement from Wrigley in assembly " I would like to see Foreman after assembly, preferably without the horn"  here is what Adrian had to say for himself:

"Hi Ron - how are things going in the CLEAN world! - i.e. in life after AGS? At the moment I'm sort of semi-retired, doing a little bit of bar-work here and there, and enjoying life to the full in Pembrokeshire, to where we moved some 18 months ago to avoid further participation in the rat-race.

What are you doing with yourself these days? It's great to hear from some of the old boys from what now seems to be entirely another world. I still occasionally hear from Dave Lowrence, who sends me the odd (some DECIDEDLY odd!) jokes on the Internet.

As to the composition of the School Band (you may not remember, but the not too interesting name of same was Caesar and the Conspirators!), the original line-up was Glyn Lovelock on lead and vocals, Vic Brown on rhythm, yours truly on bass and vocals, and Dave Lowrence on drums. We were later joined by George Ostaniewicz as lead singer. So anybody else who claims to have been part of the band possesses an imagination to rival that of Jeffrey Archer's!"


Adrian was also a member of the band, Denim Coalition, more about which you can read here.






06 November, 2004         Ron Moss